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Olly Jarvis is a novelist and criminal defence barrister, originally from London but now based in Manchester.

Drawing on his experiences he writes both fiction and non-fiction with a particular understanding of the pressures and excitement of life in the English, criminal courtroom.

His debut novel, Death By Dangerous was longlisted for the CWA 2016 Debut Dagger.

He went on to write the acclaimed Jack Kowalski series, set in Manchester. Cut-throat Defence and Unconvicted, published by Canelo, feature a young, newly qualified, criminal barrister trying to survive in the world of organised crime.

Olly’s first international thriller, The Genesis Inquiry, was published by Hobeck Books in 2021.

Olly has also written for Radio 4. Works include, Judgement, a drama exploring a barrister’s thought processes whilst cross-examining a rape victim.

Using his knowledge of the Indonesian language, he wrote and presented a Radio 4 documentary short on location in Sumatra, entitled Mum Knows Best, which compared two neighbouring tribes, one of which has a matrilineal system of inheritance.

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